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On-Demand Expertise...

There is no shortage of innovative ideas in the world. The anchor for a good idea is implementation. To implement effectively requires a range of competencies that are often not simply available or affordable.

As a resource to an emerging venture, in addition to broadening expertise, the Race Rocks executive team also provide added organizational capability and breadth - a senior management team in a box. Race Rocks is "on-demand," experienced, affordable, management providing leadership in important functional areas like:

Strategic Planning
Business Plan Development
Financial Management
Business Development
Product Management & Development
Advisory Services


In today's era of rapid innovation, it is imperative to work with dynamic and adaptable partners. Adding value to an emerging company is a function of knowledge, experience and relationships. The Company's partners have found value through:

Organizational expertise
Expanded credentials
Execution efficiency
Investor readiness

In addition, Race Rocks Launch™ provides corporate infrastructure, expertise and access to funding becoming the commercialization engine for emerging technologies.

Race Rocks can cost effectively deliver required leadership across all functional areas of emerging technology companies. Matching people with innovation ensures the best path for success.