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Race Rocks Management

Start-up ventures and emerging companies are challenged with increased competitiveness in the marketplace and for investment dollars. An innovative idea needs to be backed by the right plan and by the experience to execute. As most founders and entrepreneurs have discovered, it is often difficult to balance the three ingredients for success:



Early-stage ventures are generally characterized as nimble, aggressive companies that are focused on meeting milestones as they "bootstrap" along with limited funds. This dynamic puts the innovation, and the business, at risk.

The Race Rocks team provides commercialization expertize for emerging companies. The company's range of experience provides on demand, cost effective leadership to drive corporate growth and investor confidence. Key competencies include:


Race Rocks Launch™

A division of Race Rocks Management, Race Rocks Launch™ is a venture focused on the early-stage commercialization of emerging technologies. Providing infrastructure, expertise and funding, Race Rocks Launch™ accelerates product-to-market timelines, optimizing growth and investment returns.

Commercialization Engine for Emerging Technologies



Race Rocks Management, Inc.

Through Race Rocks Management and Race Rocks Launch™, the company has two distinct service platforms to support client's needs.


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The principals at Race Rocks have over 65 years of executive management experience in a wide range of product and service companies. With a broad base of credentials, Race Rocks serves businesses across North America and Europe directly, and through the company's extensive partnership network.

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